Virtual Icons

Virtual Icons are images of ten figures that have been depicted as” symbols of power.” The icons exist in the virtual world and have been bestowed with the emotional characteristics of Gods of Indian mythology.

Created with electronic circuitry, microchips, resistors, capacitors and acrylic paint on wood, the virtual icons are attired and established in a setting that is befitting of their role in the electronic world.

The pantheon of icons consists of the Web Queen, Web Master, Analyst, Programmer, Engineers, Virus, Hacker, Scribe, Bishop and The Supreme Being. Each Icon plays a role in the intricate web of the Virtual world:

The Web Queen is smug and in control of her world and that of others while the multi-faced Web Master exerts his powers through his familiarity of the Web. The Analyst endeavors to search for the truth while the Programmer carves a path of wisdom through his knowledge of the Virtual World. The multi-limbed Virus causes havoc through his sweep and the Hacker intercepts circuitry of others. The Engineers are the builders while the Bishop and the Supreme Being command it all.


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Computer hardware & acrylic on wood
40"H x 28"W x 1/2"D