Artist’s Statement

My work manifests the human psyche in different modes of expressions. These expressions are in the form of paintings, relief paintings and collages. The manifestations of the psyche are realized through a synthesis of contemporary and past experiences and traced to colors, forms, backgrounds and textures that resound of both the eastern and western cultures. As the psyche is personified, gods and humans coalesce while spirit and matter create a new reality. Time, an important element weaves through layers of imagery and manifests itself as universal, timeless emotion.

The web site contains eight galleries. The first gallery called the Figurative Series consists of figures derived from my real life occurrences. The conception of each work began with a personal experience. Upon completion each watercolor painting became a statement of universal thought. The second, Ancestral Linkages are a combination of figurative renderings and landscape with imagery derived from Buddhist and Hindu mythology as well real life. Some paintings are collage reliefs that portray imaginary shrines. Formed by, layering, folding and building reliefed surfaces on board they echo ancestral connections. Rituals make up the next set of paintings. Painted on wood, canvas or paper these diagrammatic and linear arrangements explore emotions between groups of people. From Animate to Inanimate are acrylic and canvas paintings that convert the dynamism of human emotion into inanimate forms. Virtual Icons are made of electronic age materials and cast as contemporary symbols of power. Created with circuit boards, computer hardware and paint on wood, the icons are conceptual “gods” of cyberspace.

Edifices are conceptual forms that have been rendered in grisaille form. Various portions of the paintings are covered with block printed linear configurations or gold leaf or fabric collage. Eighteen Chapters refers to the 18 Chapters of the Bhagvad Gita, the holy book of the Hindus. Paintings in this series look within the human mind. They illuminate the discourse in each chapter in the form of a conflict between light and dark, weight and airiness, and opacity and translucence. Eighteen Chapters are rendered in the medium of acrylic paint, watercolor and ink on paper. The Sari Project consists of five full length saris (approx.200”x 48”) that are altered through the weaving of digital photographic imagery into its weave The new surface created, literally and metaphorically zooms into the worn saris’ past story.

Geeta Harvey