The Sari Project

The Sari Project consists of five saris that have been worn in the past but have now been converted into canvasses. A sari is a five to six yard fabric that is the traditional attire of an Indian woman.

The sari surfaces have been altered through a process of reweaving. This is accomplished through a process that is akin to “ zooming in” and the pixilation of an image on the computer. The “new” exterior of the sari has been created by interlocking the fabric with digitized photographic imagery.

Each altered sari, while being a repository of memories looks to the future as it chronicles the past. The designs of the new woven forms, abstract in pattern, are derived from landscapes and architecture that have impacted my life in some way. The saris are slit, lined and sewed and photographic imagery that is altered and digitized is enmeshed into the fabric of the sari. The new surface that is created, literally and metaphorically zooms into the saris’ past history as it relates its own unique story.

Red Sari