The twenty paintings in this series take a composite look at the various aspects of Rituals in daily life. The first two parts are about “ceremony” and “places of worship” related to rituals. This is followed by a group of eight paintings that explore ritualistic relationships between people. The last group of four paintings is about erasing age old rituals.

Painted with watercolor and acrylics these paintings are made on paper, canvas and wood.

The first of the twenty paintings are about rituals in religious ceremonies. Painted with acrylics on canvas they exhibit a “place”, a “meal”, a “vessel” and a “temple – all related to the carrying out of a series of actions that would be followed in a religious ceremony.   

Four architectural watercolors follow the acrylics. These are conceptual images of places of worship where rituals might be followed.

Images nine through sixteen are paintings on wood with three dimensional surfaces. Figurative paintings make up these compositions and fabric conceals portions of the paintings. The diagrammatic concept of these images echo relationships between groups of people: male and female, generational, espousal and siblings.

Finally the last four watercolors, stripped down and minimal, are symbolic of the act of debilitating rituals.* a long, lose garment draped around the body by Indian women