From Animate To Inanimate

From Animate To Inanimate is the title given to twenty paintings that transform the dynamic power of the animate into inanimate objects or “columns”. These paintings condense an emotional form into an abstract architectural design.

The columns are visualized as free standing pillars. Perceived from various facets, each pillar has its own viewing angle. While some images depict the entire column, others reveal either the capital of the shaft or its interior.

Painted on canvas with acrylics, each column began with a drawing that is an amalgam of architecture and human anatomy. Through a process of simplification and synthesis, the anatomical content is converted into an inanimate form.

Each column is linked texturally to an organic or inorganic material: wood, fiberglass, brass, iron, steel, marble, cement, fabric or stone.

Pulsating with life within, the exterior and visible aspect of the monument is a silent manifestation of a still form.