The Letchworth Series

The Letchworth Series

The Letchworth series was propelled by a spiritual connection I developed with the Letchworth Falls and Park in 2005.

The series started as drawings of groups of figures. Interspersed with nature the figure drawings covered surfaces of crescents and circles. These crescents and circles gradually became temple architecture. Before I knew it I was integrating elements of Indian architecture with the natural physiognomy of the park.

The park is made up of not only the majestic rocks and waterfalls but also is resplendent with foliage of all species. In the Letchworth paintings, the waters and foliage have joined hands with man made structures.

The first of the series, Letchworth 1 is focused on the rapids of the river as the river picks up momentum in preparation to fall over the rocks. A multiple arched gateway stands over the rushing water. Letchworth 2 has two conceptual architectural structures over the river and foliage. The architecture framing portions of the park reflect my developing affinity to this collection of earth, rock, water, foliage and air.

Water, trees, and architectural projections make up Letchworth 3. Two cornices emerge from the right and left sides of the painting. Grisailles of figures bring my life experiences to the park. Letchworth 4 has conceptual columns lining a pathway. At Letchworth Park this walkway is lined by trees. I personalized the park by imagining these trees as columns. A columnar stacking of images of Letchworth completes the composition.

The five elements of water, earth, air, fire and sky were an integral part of the wedding of my daughter and son-in-law at Letchworth State Park in 2005. Four of these elements have been juxtaposed and built into a conceptual temple in the painting entitled Letchworth 5.

The Hindu segment of the multi – faith wedding also involved Agni – the sacred fire that is worshipped by devotees of the Hindu religion. Agni purifies all that transpires at a wedding ceremony and is the focus of the painting Letchworth 6.